Practice áreas

Practice áreas

  • Patents and
  • Industrial Designs
  • Brands
  • Copyright and Entertainment Rights
  • Image Right
  • Technology transfer
  • Privacy and Cybersecurity
  • Regulatory affairs
  • Competition Law and Consumer Protection
  • Protection of personal data
  • Corporate Law
  • Contract Law

Wolf Méndez Abogados Asociados Ltda., is a firm specialized in Intellectual Property, which provides an integral service. I´t offers help to the entrepreneurs in their process of creating new technologies and protecting of distinctive signs around the world, working with its associates. Also, Wolf Méndez Abogados Asociados offers effective and innovative solutions to its clients, who have found in this prestigious firm an alternative of quality and attention in relation to the rigorous follow-up and surveillance of the issues of their own operation.

Patents and Industrial Designs

We advise our clients in everything related to New Creations, from the search of antecedents, drafting of Patents, national applications, and international applications, to the granting of the privilege not only of Patents, but also registrations in industrial designs. We have a team of great professionals in different areas to provide comprehensive advice and thus achieve protection of their intangible assets.


We advise our clients in the protection of distinctive signs (Trademarks) and we advocate for their security. We carry out the whole process of trademark background searches, trademark registration, trademark surveillance, as well as develop strategies to avoid infringements by third parties that may affect the exclusive use of the trademark.

Copyright and Entertainment Rights

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive solution for the entertainment industry. We develop

strategies for the protection of the interests of the film, music, and television sectors, among


Image Rights

We develop strategies for the protection and proper use of our clients' image rights.

Technology Transfer

We advise and work together with our clients for the protection of their intangible assets, their inventions, and we strive to generate strategies and alliances between the different sectors of the industry to generate a social impact with the technologies that are deployed therefrom. We also provide advice on technology transfer for technological cooperation, technological developments, among others.

Cyber Security

Based on current technological advances, we provide our clients with the tools and solutions to protect information, data, protocols, strategies to avoid transgressions and damage to the information deposited in cyber platforms.

Regulatory Affairs

We advise and work together from all areas related to the processing of sanitary registrations before the competent sanitary authority, as well as obtaining authorizations, permits, among others. We have an integral team to attend any type of request.

Competition Law and Consumer Protection

We focus on providing personalized, integral, and comprehensive advice to each client according to their objectives and related needs.

Privacy and Personal Data Protection

We guide our clients in the proper handling of personal data according to the legal provisions in a society where new technologies have taken much of the spheres at the business level.

Corporate Law

From the area of Corporate Law, we recommend strategies to our clients to enhance their

business, meet objectives and protect both their tangible and intangible assets.


We serve the needs of both our national and international clients in contractual matters, from the drafting of contracts, to the interpretation of the same and of any kind, making sure to represent

the interests in an efficient and comprehensive manner.